Spring of Dreaming

I am overdue in addressing my blog name change. In December I changed the title of this blog to “The Dreamer.” You may remember it was called “Discovering Me.” I am not saying my quest for self-discovery is fulfilled and over but I am saying I know I’m a dreamer. I would also like to say that I feel like the old name was pretentious. I think a lot things I do are pretentious. I’m trying to fix that. The URL of this blog hasn’t changed ( but hopefully you’ll forgive me. I always wanted to find a sweet picture of a mosquito frozen in amber (√† la Jurassic Park) and use it as the main image for this blog but I was worried about getting into copyright trouble. I wanted the picture to tell you something along the lines of, “Hey, ‘discovering amber’ kind of has a double meaning – like – it kind of has to do with discovering that dino DNA (or something equally as fantastical) can be found in amber!” Hopefully the title of my blog didn’t make you roll your eyes too many times over the years.

I spend a lot of time apologizing (see above) or blaming myself for things that go wrong. That most likely won’t change. What I would like to change is the over-arching career and life path I’m on. Right now it’s all “slow and steady” and I prefer to see the action pick up. As I’ve discussed before I have always valued stability. I just re-read my “Fragility/Stability/Agility” post from last May and it was an interesting look back at the past. I made a big decision and moved from P-town to New City (not to be confused with NYC) in August 2012. I’ve been here for almost eight months now. The move was good for me. I am able to keep in contact with friends in P-town (only 30 miles away) and I have made wonderful friends in my New City. I hit my five-year mark with Adobe on February 25th and I couldn’t have been happier to “make it.” My coworkers and I have been enjoying our shiny, new office building since November 2012. I feel like some great things have changed in my life but there is huge potential for more change. I am open to it. I just need to believe the following:

-I have the potential to change my career
-I can do more than what I’m currently doing
-No matter where I go I can call it “home”
-People care about me and they’ll help me succeed
-I will be guided when making big life decisions
-I should wish for the presence of hope, not the absence of fear
-If I decide to move on with my life my friends will support me
-"Change is always a good thing" (according to my friend Malin)
-I can be confident in my abilities
-I should listen to my heart
-Risks can pay off
-If all else fails I always have Mom and Dad

After reading the list above you might think I’m getting ready to move to the moon or something. I assure you that is not the case. Right now I’m just getting ready to consider moving somewhere if that is what it takes to keep my life moving forward. I am happy where I am but I can’t tell if I’m progressing. It’s like being on a ship that is so far from the coast you can’t even tell you’re moving.

Basically, this spring is about “dreaming a little bigger.”

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May your dreams be bigger and better, too.