Left with the Pieces

I never thought you’d leave my life
You were the one sure thing
But you decided to leave this world
Why couldn’t you take me?

You were always there
To spring me loose when I got caught
You were the brightest beam
Now I am here and you are not

Here I am – left with the pieces
Drawers of clothes, boxes of books
Pictures in frames 
It’s harder than it looks

So many times I’ve wondered
If I should come to your side
But I know I would hurt others
So I keep it all inside

Here I stay – left with the pieces
Piles of letters, vases of flowers
A eulogy to write
Plenty of work to fill the hours

I’m trapped with nowhere to turn
I can’t say how I really feel
Instead I will praise your life
I’ll keep my part of the deal

Here I lay – left with the pieces
A heart full of sorrow
A head full of memories
A life without tomorrow


This one's for the survivors.